All children have the ability to succeed, but the level of success depends on a teachers’ depth of understanding, knowledge, strategies and practices. Research has shown that engaging teachers in high quality, professional learning is the most effective way to make a difference in a child’s learning.

We believe in teaching the whole child, personalising learning and using brain-based strategies – it just makes sense!

No child should be left behind. We have put together a selection of evidence-based training workshops which are designed to teach your staff not only how to recognise a learning difficulty, but practical strategies you can implement in the classroom and throughout the school to ensure a child does succeed.

Our professional development workshops are uniquely customised to your school’s needs and can be held after school, half days or full days. Training packages are also available. Please see below for the exclusive workshops held at your school – book early!

Help Me Understand Learning Difficulties

Learn exactly what a LD is, how to identify them and why at least 10% of children find learning a real challenge & what you can do about it.

Early Identification of Learning Difficulties

Be equipped with quick, fun and effective screening tools for individual students, class or the whole school to identify difficulties, early, ensuring NO ONE gets left behind!

Units of Sound Training

Units of Sound is a computer-based multi-sensory literacy catch-up program, from the UK, that can be used individually, in the classroom or throughout your whole school!

Mastering IEP’s

Did you know that the effectiveness of an IEP can determine how much progress a child will or will not make? Learn from experts on how to write and implement an effective IEP.

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