‘Never stop learning because life never stops teaching’

All children have the ability to succeed, but the level of success depends on the persons’ depth of understanding, knowledge, strategies and practices.

We believe in teaching the whole child, personalising learning and using brain-based strategies – it just makes sense!

At Impact Education, we understand how painful it can be to witness a child struggling with schoolwork. We understand the challenges involved in trying to help a child keep up with the school’s learning materials and we understand how at times you might feel helpless when it comes to knowing how to make the child’s learning experience easier for them.

We have good news for you. You are not alone!

Whether you are a parent or educator, we can’t be experts at everything and that is okay. Our workshops and short courses have been carefully crafted to assist you to build confidence in your ability to support children and their learning.

Do you know someone who may have dyspraxia?