At Impact Education, we offer 1:1 specialist literacy tuition for children who are ‘at risk of’ or have been diagnosed with a learning difficulty, such as dyslexia.

All our specialist teachers have undergone extensive training to deliver evidence-based literacy intervention in learning difficulties.

Our extensive expertise, together with evidence-based phonic approach, helps students to understand the logical structure of written language. Specialist tuition focuses on improving spelling, reading fluency, writing and comprehension. Each lesson is:

  • Multi-sensory – using different senses such as auditory, visual and kinaesthetic
  • Cumulative  - building on previous steps and working at the right confidence level
  • Structured  -  small steps, using routines, order and logical sequences
  • Explicit – clear, systematic and direct
  • Dynamic – short, varied, purposeful and effective
  • Purposeful - relevant, tailored to student’s strengths and weaknesses.

Students we’ve worked with show an average of 2 years gains in as little as 6 months!

With appropriate support, learning difficulties need not be a barrier to success.

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