The Integrated Listening System improves visual and auditory processing, concentration, memory, balance, coordination, behaviour and academic areas such as reading, writing, spelling and maths. Research has shown an increase in reading by an average of two years after three months of use.

What is it?

ILS is a multi-sensory program for improving brain function. It uses music, movement and language activities to ‘re-train’ areas of the brain used for learning, communication and movement. All activities are fun and can be customised for all ages and skill levels.

A neuro-application of the Tomatis Method from the 1950s, the iLs uses filtered sound and vibration to exercise the brain's ability to take in information - training the senses to work together more efficiently.

Through specific programmes, the iLs trains the brain at the foundational level. It takes your perceptual skills 'back to basics’, retraining stages of brain development that may have been interrupted or incomplete in childhood.

The iLs exercises many senses simultaneously, leading to better integration of multi-sensory information. As the developmental stages are worked through and the senses re-balance, perceptual skills improve and dysfunction fades.

Improving basic brain function on this deep level has widespread effects. Improved sensory alignment means improvements in coordination, concentration, speech articulation, language and social skills. Comprehension and functional performance increase as the brain learns to use its resources more efficiently.

The Integrated Listening System is used at the centre in the Launch Kid’s Catch-Up Course. In addition to the course, or alternatively, it can be rented to use at home.


To design the listening programme, we gather information through a brief assessment.


After a brief tutorial on basic operation you take the rental iLs home with you, or we can arrange for it to be implemented at your child’s school.

The iLs

The iLs equipment consists a standard iPod, a small amplifier, and specially made headphones with a small vibrating plate for sonic bone conduction. The whole kit can be worn and carried quite comfortably.


During a session, the person listens to filtered music. Fine adjustments are made by filtering out or boosting different frequencies, both through sonic bone conduction and through normal over-ear headphones. This forces the brain to work harder on some sounds and to ignore others.


The programme duration varies between forty to sixty sessions over eight to twelve weeks. Sessions are a half hour each, twice a day and may be divided up over the day if necessary. The gradual and steady iLs programme ensures that the changes are reinforced, with enough time to integrate.

For those suffering from sensory difficulties, the iLs can make the world a far more comfortable place to be.

Who can it help?

The iLS can help children with learning difficulties, such as dyslexia, but it can also help children with sensory processing, language processing, attention and concentration, fine and gross motor function, emotional regulation and academic areas such as reading, writing, spelling and maths.

Where is the evidence?

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