Sometimes parents just ‘feel’ that their child is not progressing as they should.

What is important is that the outcome provides a route forwards in terms of what can be done to improve the child’s daily performance.

In addition to dealing with difficulties at a superficial level, we also look for the underlying causes relating to the body’s development, physical, social/emotional and intellectual aspects. To ensure a comprehensive approach, we use a 3 step process:

Step 1: Following an initial consult, we gather background information about your child.

Step 2: We assess underlying causes and current ability levels to determine the best possible intervention for your child.

Step 3: Following the assessment, you will receive a written report explaining the results and recommendations for your child. We will discuss the findings with you at a consultation and provide expert advice on the next steps forward to unlocking your child’s potential.

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 Developmental AssessmentCognitive AssessmentEducational Assessment
What is it?We assess aspects of a child’s neuro-developmental status.

This helps us understand how it affects their ability to learn.
We look at the core cognitive abilities required for learning.This provides us with information on any gaps in a child’s learning.
Why is it tested?To reduce the impact of receiving information incorrectly on a child’s learning.These skills are required for learning and weaknesses can make learning challenging.To make recommendations for accommodations and strategies to help a child be a successful learner.
What is tested?• Auditory Skills
• Visual Skills
• Motor Skills
• Emotional
• Sensory Processing
• Working Memory
• Phonological Processing
• Rapid Naming
• Reading
• Spelling
• Writing
• Mathematics