Play and Brain Development

Learning Skills

Let’s focus on the importance of play and brain development in the early years. There is a constant battle over what the best learning environment for young children looks like. I encourage you to look into how a child’s brain and body develops and ask yourself, what environment would be best suited to optimise a […]

The Brain and Learning

The Brain and Learning

I recently reflected on how we all learn differently as we explore the world, but that we are all born as learners. Childhood is such a critical time for brain development that we should carefully protect and nurture. The common approach to children with learning difficulties is to first ask: what is the problem with […]

Why do some children avoid reading?

Learning to Read

I come across this question a lot with parents and teachers. There are usually at least a handful of children in each class who are not interested in reading. But why? Using research and experience I have put together 5 possible reasons for educators and parents to explore: Has the child struggled with developing the […]

Help, my child can’t read. I think they have dyslexia!


I received a message from a parent and with her permission, I have documented recommendations below for other parents. I hope you find it useful. The names of the parent and child have been altered to protect confidentiality. ‘Hi Natalie, I hope you don’t mind, but I’d love your advice on dyslexia. I’m concerned about […]

Why I Teach Spelling Rules?

Spelling in Education

I was speaking to a colleague a few days ago who attend a training seminar on literacy instruction for children with LD. She was curious to know my opinion on whether I teach spelling rules to children with learning difficulties, such as dyslexia. Spelling rules are a core part of teaching a child how to […]